ML100-T92 (single action clamps)

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ML100; Automatic dropweight with 100 % constant pull action.

Optional: Automatic Concorde system

The most accurate stringing machine on the market!


Features ML100-T92 : Automatic Concorde system for friction free tensioning
  • Automatic Constant pull action.
  • Automatic lock in starting position.
  • Automatic release of the lock.
  • Multi-point Direct Racquet Support.
  • Table locks in 12 positions.
  • Self locking clamp system.
  • Concorde system optional .
  • Stand with tooltray is optional.
  • ml100-stand-concorde
Concorde M 1


  To demo videos  Lifts automatically at the position of the tension head


Features of the different models
General M90 ML90 ML100 ML120
Automatic tensionhead x x x x
100% constant pull x x x x
Automatic lock of the tension head x x x
Automatic release of the tension head x x
Ball bearings in the tension head x x
Table locks in 12 positions x x x x
Concorde system € 59,80 € 59,80 € 59,80 € 47,19
Table-top model x x x
Floor-stand model x



Flying clamp TH
Double action clamps T98
Single action clampsT92
Click on the picture to show the ML100 with the shown clamp system.


Read users opinions about the ML100:

 To demo videos

More opinions under “Reviews”.

Fixed Clamp System T98
Fast and User-Friendly
The tension head locks automatically in the upright position. Lift the lever and the string clamp opens. Insert the string and lower the lever and the string will clamp and tension at the desired tension (the lock is automatically released, when a string is clamped).
Accuracy with Perfect “constant pull” Action
The tension is the same for every angle of the lever, which has 3 advantages: 1) The accuracy of the system is very reliable. 2) The stringer does not have to pay attention to the angle of the drop weight lever. 3) The tension is maintained during the slow elongation of the string.


Extended Mounting Table is Extremely Strong and Durable
The aluminum mounting table has ribs that prevent the table from bending. Racquets with very long string area can be easily mounted.
“Direct” Racquet Support System
Never any broken racquets with a “direct” racquet support system. The racquet head is supported at 3 points and the bridge at 2 points. Very wide delrin supports protect the frame from damage. The throat supports can be adjusted according to the frame thickness.


The ML100 utilizes either floating clamps or fixed clamps.

Both Clamping Systems:
Strong aluminum castings makes bending impossible. “String friendly” clamp teeth protect string from damage. The clamping tension can be accurately adjusted. The clamps fit all tennis racquets.

Floating Clamps
Easy gripping of the string because the clamp opens very wide.

Fixed Clamp System T92 Main and cross strings are strung with 2 clamps. Single action system through the self locking gliding system. Strong and string-friendly aluminum clamps.

Fixed Clamp System T98
Fixed clamping system T98 uses the same clamps as T92 but operates with a
double action. This system moves around very easily and locks tolerance