Drop weight machines

Drop weight machines


Two types of drop weight tension systems are available on the global market for stringing machines:

1. Ratchet Systems:
2. The Stringway System
“Maximum Accuracy without a Ratchet System.”
With most drop weight systems it is necessary to get the drop weight lever horizontal to tension the string at the adjusted tension. Most of these machines features a ratchet system that makes it easier to position the lever horizontally.

The biggest drawback of a ratchet system is that the stringer has to maintain the tension in the string “by hand” while the lever is lifted for the next stroke. The use of a ratchet system costs time and loss of accuracy.

In order to tension the string at the adjusted tension with the Stringway Drop Weight System, it is not necessary to position the lever horizontally, the tension in the string is the same for every angle of the drop weight lever irrespective of the drop weight position.
What makes it necessary to keep the drop weight lever horizontal? Why is it NOT necessary for the lever of the Stringway System to be horizontal?
Ratchet System Stringway System
The tension depends upon the angle, because “H” is different for every angle while “R” remains the same. The tension is the same for every angle, because the distance”V” and the distance “H” both change and therefore the ratio between “V” and “H” remains the same.


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