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Stringway-Tension- and string advise system


This system advises the right stringing tension and type of string for your racquet, based on your type of play, age, and possible arm injuries.

When you enter your information in the following 4 steps the system advises a Stringbed stiffness (SBS) and a type of string on page 3.

* The advise on page 3:


– The Stiffness of the stringbed is shown in kg/cm or DT value (this is not the stringing tension!).

– You can change the stiffness by hand by clicking on “change by hand”.

– The strings are classified in 4 classes (S1 to S4) based on the elongation character and durability. You can find the list with classified strings in the Stringway information centre. (click on the info sign on the middle of the front page.

More information about the classification of strings in this document: http://www.stringway-nl.com/pdf/Stringclassification.pdf

This is a list with tested and classified strings: http://www.stringway-nl.com/pdf/STRINGTESTSversion2013-1ENG.pdf

* The tension calculation:

– When you enter the length and width of the string area and the number

of cross strings the system calculates the tensions for main and cross



The calculated tensions can just be a guideline. The SBS after stringing depends strongly on the qualities of the stringer and his machine and the elongation qualities of the string that is used.

* Your information will not be stored anywhere and no rights can be taken from the advises.

The Tension Advisor is also available as a calculator disc:


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