News 3-2019

 Dear Stringway contact,

Hereby some news and information maybe it is useful for you.

11 % off on all machines.

 At this moment all machines are 11 % cheaper.

Just enter the code “machines” in the shopping cart and the price will show.

Our most best sold machines are:

* MS140-LS- TH+TH18 (for tennis)   €463,69  (in Europe + 21 % tax)

 Light weight (7 kg) very accurate constant pull machine  easy to store and transport.

More information here:

* MS140-LS- badminton         €444,64 (in Europe + 21 % tax)

 More information here:

* ML100-TH+TH18 (double + triple flying clamp)     € 504,06 (in Europe + 21 % tax)


“Automatic” dropweight with double and triple flying clamps.

 More information:

* ML100con-T92         € 753,05   (in Europe + 21 % tax)

“Automatic” dropweight with fixed clamps and Concorde system

 ML120con-T92            € 858,53           (in Europe + 21 % tax)

“Automatic” dropweight with fixed clamps and Concorde system on a stand.

More information:

You already own Stringway flying clamps.

If you already own Stringway flying clamps you can order any machine with flying clamps without clamps.

Upgrade your Stringway machine.

 If you already have a Stringway machines you can upgrade your machine 20% cheaper:

* From flying clamps to fixed clamps T92      € 245,43 (in Europe + 21 % tax)

* Concorde system for M machines    € 61,86  (in Europe + 21 % tax)

* Floorstand for M machines (80 cm high) excl tooltray         € 98,10 (in Europe + 21 % tax)

* Tooltray for M stand                       € 49,43 (in Europe + 21 % tax)

Stringlab 2 + RS frame.

More and more Stringers test their string bed and racquet stiffness nowadays. Therefore we sell a lot of Stringlab systems. This document tells more about “Racquet tuning”. is knowing to send.pdf

More information:

  • This document shows a comparison between the ML100 and the MS140: between MS100 and the MS140.pdf

All prices are excluding shipping cost.

If you have any questions or want an offer please let me know.

Kind regards

Fred Timmer

Tel: +31 224 581458

News 2-2018

A number of stringers asked us what machine they should take a ML100 or a MS140, this comparison can help.

Comparison between ML100 and the MS140.

These can be compared on different aspects:

  • Features.

The biggest differences between the ML100 and the MS140 are:

  • The ML100 is available with fixed clamps the MS140 only with flying clamps.
  • The ML100 needs the Concorde system for 360 degree rotation and easy tensioning of the mains in the bridge, the MS140 has 360 degree rotation.
  • The MS140L has the knot function.
  • The MS140L has a 4 point direct racquet support with fast clamp system, the ML100 has 5 point support with 4 clamping hooks.

The difference for the racquet is very small, mounting a racquet on the MS140 is much easier and faster.

* Accuracy.

  • Both machines are constant pull and can not overshoot the tension as many electronic machines do.
  • The stringer has to check the calibration on the MS140 and adjust it if necessary. The ML100 does need this check.

* Stringing result.

  • The stringing result will be exactly the same on both machines.

* Stringing convenience.

  • The tension head on the MS140 is the same as on the ML100.
  • Many stringers prefer the 360 degree of the MS140 but many ML100 users do not need it.
  • The flying clamps on the ML100 are the same as on the MS140 (with one triple and one double)
  • There are stringers who prefer fixed clamps but as many who prefer flying clamps so that is very personal. Both systems can  supply the same quality stringjob.
  • Flying clamps are much cheaper.
  • A Fixed clamp machine is 4 kg heavier.

* Transportability / room needed.

  • The ML100 needs more room for use because of the longer lever. When the machine is not in use the lever can be removed.
  • The MS140 is very easy to store in a cupboard.
  • For players the MS140 is much more suitable to take to tournaments it weighs 7 kg and the ML100 at least 17 kg.
  • A travel case is available for the MS140.

 News 1-2018

Hereby some information maybe it is useful for you.

* Racquet- stress – deflection – mounting – stringing tensions.

I had some conversations with Stringway users about different matters but the same items.

It seems that there is still a lot of misunderstanding about the deflection of a racquet before and after stringing and the best way to minimize that during stringing.

This document describes more about the influence of the racquet support and the stringing tensions on the deflection and much more important the stress in the racquet material.

* Pre productie offer of the Stringlab and RS frame.

We are going to assemble a new series of Stringlabs which means that there will be a “preproduction offer until 5 februari.

Stringlab  € 147.84      (€ 164.27 )      (In Eu + 21% tax)

Stringlab + racquet stiffness test  € 204.45     (€ 227.17)       (In Eu + 21% tax)

This video shows the Stringlab in action:

 More information on our site:

* The new light weight machine.

The first series of the light weight traveler machine is produced and about 35 of the 45 orders that we have are shipped and in use.

We are very happy that there are only minor remarks on the system all stringers who send us feed back are very happy with their machine.

Most of the machines were ordered including the travel case, because that it is the best way to transport it. The machine is fixed with bolts in the case so that it can not move around at all.

More information about the MS140N and L on our site: