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Light weight travel machines


The L will have a number of features that the N will not have.

We will launch a special pre-production offer for both versions soon.

Send us an email when you want to receive this special offer.

If you want to read more opinions please look at this thread on the Tenniswarehouse forum:

Newsletter 4-2017

Dear Stringway contact,

We would like to inform you about the development of our new light-weight-stringing machine. We started this development because we received requests from the tennis-pros world because there seem te be many players who want to string their own racquet.

From the discussion on the forums we learned that the machine can also attractive for stringers who want to put their machine away in the cupboard after stringing.


This video shows how the machine works: 



You can read a lot of opinions in these 2 discussions:

In English

In German

The features of the machine are:

  • The “constant pull” tension system works with a spring like with our foot operated MS200.

  • The weight of the machine is less than 7  kg including 2 flying clamps.

  • The tension is adjusted with the wheel at the end of the frame and with a scale on top of the frame.

  • The tension can be raised or lowered for single pools with the small handle behind the tension adjusting wheel.

  • The turntable is adjustable very accurately with a screw / spindle which also takes the forces of the main strings.

Production machine.

The production machine will be lighter than the prototype and all painted parts will be made off stainless steel to avoid damage of the paint.

Preproduction offer,

We will decide to produce the machine based on the feed back that we get from agents and stringers. We will launch a special pre-production offer to agents and users for the first series.

  • The retail price of the machine will be lower than €500,- (+ eu tax in europe)

Time schedule.

We hope to have enough feed back for a decision in June, in the meantime we will keep you informed.

You can find much more information about this product on our websites.

We would like to hear if you would be interested in this product.

Kind regards

Fred Timmer

Newsletter 11-2016


Dear Stringway contact,

Hereby some information maybe it is useful for you.

Our best sold stringing machine on temporary special offer.

Our ML100 will be on special offer in different options:

  • With flying clamps (double + triple).


  • With single action fixed clamps.











  • With or without Concorde system.

Concorde M 1

  • With a stand or as a table top machine.

Stand M mk2










The stand is available in 2 heights, 80 and
86 cm.

The tooltray is available as an option.

Only in Europe (because the stand is too long to ship outside Europe).


The ML120 = the ML100 as an upright model.


  • With double + triple flying clamp.

  • With fixed clamps T92

  • With or without Concorde system.


You can find the prices for theses offers on our Dutch and German sites:


Or just send us an email.

You can find all information and special offer prices on the new Stringway site in the Special offer section:

If you have any kind of questions please let us know.

Fred Timmer

Tel: +31 224 581458