Dear Stringway contact ,

We noticed that (new) stringers have difficulties to find fundamental information about racquet stringing and racquet tuning.

Therefore hereby a number of links to our documents and links to calculators in one glance.

** Our seminar “from stringer to racquet tuner”:

This tells more about tuning the stringbed for different types of players, with the type of string, and the string bed stiffness. Also how to calculate stringing tensions for different racquets based on the advised SBS. ENG.pdf

** Our seminar racquet tuning “measuring is knowing”:

This tells more about measuring all specifications of the racquets and string bed and what specs shoud be used for children and adults. is knowing to send.pdf

** Choosing a stringing machine

This document describes the most important qualities of a good stringing machine. a Stringing Machine II.pdf

** The online Tension Advisor:

This system advises a certain class of string and SBS for every type of player based on the answers to a number of questions. On Page 3 the user can enter the dimensions of the racquet head and the number of strings, and the system will calculate the stringing tension for mains and crosses.

** Manual of the tension Advisor: Advisor ENG.pdf

** To measure the string bed stiffness SBS?

The manual of the Stringlab 2 SBS / RA tester ENG/STRINGLAB 2 MANUAL.pdf

** Swing weight advisor ENG

The SW advisor advises a Swing Weight for players based on their technic, age and body build.

** Measuring the SW of every racquet.

This system calculates the SW of a racquet when the head and grip weight is entered. It also calculates the weight to add in order to raise a SW with a certain amount. ( This system can e opened in the same menu als the TA and SW advisors)

** The manual of the SW advisor / calculator.

** Our article for the USRSA “The complete stringer: From Stringer to ‘Racquet Tuner’”

** The last list of tested strings that we made.

This list classifies strings in 5 classes based on the elongation tests.

** This document describes the meaning of the elongation figures .

If you are missing anything please let me know we want to share as much knowledge as possible with you.

If you have any kind of questions just let us know