Stringway ML100con-TH+TH18 (flying clamps)

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Stringway ML100-TH+TH18 (flying clamps)

 Automatic dropweight system with 100 % constant pull action and Concorde system.

The most accurate stringing machine on the market!

With double + triple clamp for minimum loss of tension

(See pictures below for use of these clamps.)

Upgradable to fixed clamps T92.

Compare the MS140 with the ML100, click on the picture

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FeaturesStringway Stringway ML100-TH+TH18 (flying clamps)

* “Automatic” tension unit:

– Automatic Constant pull action.

– Automatic lock in starting position.

– Automatic release of the lock.

* Ball bearings in tensioner.

* Multi-point Direct Racquet Support.

* Table locks in 12 positions.

* With triple and double flying clamp.

*Concorde system .

– Makes it much easier to pull tension on the main strings in the bridge of the racquet.

* Table lifts automatically at the position of the tension head. 







This picture shows the use of the triple and double flying clamps.


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Fast and User-Friendly
The tension head locks automatically in the upright position. Lift the lever and the string clamp opens. Insert the string and lower the lever and the string will clamp and tension at the desired tension (the lock is automatically released, when a string is clamped).
Accuracy with Perfect “constant pull” Action
The tension is the same for every angle of the lever, which has 3 advantages: 1) The accuracy of the system is very reliable. 2) The stringer does not have to pay attention to the angle of the drop weight lever. 3) The tension is maintained during the slow elongation of the string.

Extended Mounting Table is Extremely Strong and Durable
The aluminum mounting table has ribs that prevent the table from bending. Racquets with very long string area can be easily mounted.
“Direct” Racquet Support System
Never any broken racquets with a “direct” racquet support system. The racquet head is supported at 3 points and the bridge at 2 points. Very wide delrin supports protect the frame from damage. The throat supports can be adjusted according to the frame thickness.